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Plesk Power Pack VPS

plesk vps hosting Plesk Power Pack, an add-on license for your Plesk VPS, enables numerous high-powered features & controls for your Plesk Control Panel!
  • Plesk Panel
  • Plesk Billing
  • Plesk Power Pack
  • SiteBuilder
  • Application Vault
  • Email

Plesk Power Pack license add-on for your Plesk VPS includes:


Microsoft SQL VPS Support



Enables connectivity between Plesk Control Panel and a Microsoft SQL database included with your Windows based VPS. Connect to your local Microsoft SQL Server instance or on a separate VPS. Microsoft SQL support allows you to provide shared databases to your clients, websites and/or applications. Learn more about Microsoft SQL VPS.



  ColdFusion Support


Provide your clients and websites support for ColdFusion server side scripting and database management. Requires additional software package and license, sold and installed separately.



Multi-Level Helpdesk on VPS


Plesk Power Pack includes a customer/client support management system (CMS) which allows you to create a centralized portal for direct communication, management, monitoring and tracking of customer/client issues.



  Kaspersky AntiVirus



Kaspersky Antivirus powers immediate protection against email viruses recieved through your Plesk server. Superior detection rates and an industry-leading outbreak response time define the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine and protects businesses and home users from the latest threats.

Plesk Application Pack
(Now FREE with any Plesk License)


Plesk Application Pack enables Plesk Control Panel support to download, manage, install and configure any of hundreds of APS Standard applications including WordPress blogs, Joomla CMS, OSCommerce eCommerce Suite, Magento eCommerce suite and much more! Learn more about Plesk Application Vault VPS.



Tomcat for JAVA VPS Support


Tomcat servlet allows you to run JAVA applications on your VPS. JAVA VPS powers the widest web standard application framework used across many devices and platforms! Learn more about Java VPS.



Plesk Mobile Server Manager Support


Manage your Plesk server from anywhere via a powerful mobile application available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry! Mobile application availabe through your mobile device marketplace.



SpamAssassin Anti-Spam
(Now FREE with any Plesk License)


Support for Anti-Spam VPS Email on your Plesk VPS with Email. SpamAssassin support enables the latest in spam protection which you can configure for you clients or users quickly and easily through your plesk control panel email interface. Learn more about VPS Email

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