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Plesk VPS Hosting

plesk vps hosting
Plesk VPS hosting is an un-paralleled platform for managing your web, email, application hosting and much more.
  • Plesk Panel
  • Plesk Billing
  • Plesk Power Pack
  • SiteBuilder
  • Application Vault
  • Email

As with all VPS servers you get flexibility and incredible performance at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server, but add Plesk VPS Control Panel and you simplify your daily web hosting tasks!


With Plesk Billing, your Plesk VPS setup is ripe to expand as you begin to manage across any number of Plesk VPS servers while requiring only a single management interface.


It's your VPS server so you can make any changes you need. Prefer a Windows VPS Server? Plesk VPS is supported on Windows 2008 as well as Linux Ubuntu and CentOS flavours!

Plesk VPS
Windows Reseller Plesk VPS
Plesk Version
11 or 12 11
Virtuozzo or Hyper-V Hyper-V
CentOS, Ubuntu,
Windows 2008
Windows 2008
IP Addresses
1 2
512 MB 1024 MB
20 GB 40 GB
300 GB 600 GB
Web Presence SiteBuilder
w/ Plesk Hosting Suite License
FREE Upgrade!
Web Application Installer
Reseller Skin Customization
Unlimited FTP
Domain Management
Web Statistics
Disaster Recovery Backups
24/7 Support
VPS Upgrades & Options
Additional IPs*
$2.03 per IP / month
Additional Virtual Processors (Linux VPS)
$4.05 per vCPU / month
Additional Virtual Processors (Windows VPS)
$13.50 per vCPU / month
Additional RAM
$2.70 per 512 MB / month
Additional Disk Space
$1.35 per 20 GB / month
Additional Bandwidth
$1.35 per 300 GB / month
Plesk Panel Upgrades
10 Domain License
$3.00 / month
100 Domain License
$6.00 / month
Unlimited Domain License
$11.00 / month
Hosting Suite License
$11.00 / month
SiteBuilder 100 Accounts
Included in Plesk Hosting Suite License!
Business Manager 1000 Accounts
Included in Plesk Hosting Suite License!
Power Pack
$5.40 / month
Plesk (Dr. Web) Premium Antivirus
$10.13 / month
1 Additional Language Pack
$5.40 / month
2 Additional Language Packs
$8.10 / month
3 Additional Language Packs
$12.15 / month
4 Additional Language Packs
$16.20 / month
5 Additional Language Packs
$20.25 / month


Why Plesk VPS?

Plesk VPS servers allow you the most control from the operating system and up. You have the choice of Windows VPS or Linux VPS plus the flexibility of being able to expand your server resources at any time.


Plesk VPS Reseller and Plesk VPS Standalone Customize your Plesk Panel VPS Plesk Panel with our Windows Reseller VPS
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