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VPS Support Service Policy - Rules and Guidelines


General Support


  • 100% Network Uptime
  • Patching & Security Updates / Audit
    Security patching and maintenance of the host machine which may or may not include patching of related VPS software by virtue of host updates.


Hardware Support


  • Monitoring & Security Audit****
    Our team of highly trained professionals are working around the clock monitoring and assessing our servers to the latest standards and will notify you should there be any concerns.
  • Disaster Recovery
    We provide disaster recovery of the host server should there occur unforeseeable down time, damage or data loss. This includes natural disasters or other circumstances that may cause physical damage or corruption of the data center on a large scale. Disaster recovery is limited to the operation of our data center and cannot be used for:
    • accidental deletion of VPS data by a user or a shared FTP user
    • external attacks to VPS content through virus or SQL injection
    • content uploaded to the client VPS that was previously compromised on a local machine
  • Slowness & Load Issues
    Should you experience load issues or you find your VPS is sluggish we will investigate the VPS for performance based on the load that is placed on it and will recommend areas for optimization. If the issue is related to 3rd party software*** installed or running on the VPS, support may provide direction at the customers own risk. Specific changes to code base may or may not be included and are also advised at clients own risk. Recommended changes to 3rd party software*** should be investigated by the developer or maintainer and further optimized from there.


Expert Support

Expert support is provided free of charge for any VPS with a Control Panel such as Plesk or cPanel to ensure the highest quality of service for your VPS.


Pre-Installed Software Support**


  • Email / DNS / Website Config
    We’re available 24/7 to help you understand email/dns and basic website configurations through our powerful control panel suites including Plesk, cPanel/WHM and Parallels Small Business Panel.
  • Software Upgrades & OS Reinstall
    These upgrades are limited to those available through the default repositories as compatible with Parallels Virtuozzo or Hyper-V Windows.
  • Backup & Firewall Setup / Config
    Should you have any trouble understanding how to modify your firewall or backup configurations, we’re available to help 24/7 through pre-installed software tools provided.
  • Package Installations (yum/apt-get)
    We can show you just how easy it is to add repositories and manage your installed applications on Virtuozzo linux!
  • Control Panel Updates
    Assist in updating the provided Control Panel software including Plesk, cPanel and more to available compatible versions.



3rd Party Applications***


  • Basic Website Troubleshooting****
    Includes general troubleshooting of control panel configuration and website code testing against known compatible standard configurations for the type of website including html, css, and basic javascript/asp/ and perl. This is limited to ensuring that scripting languages generally work under the default configurations of your VPS.
  • Manual Installation/Setup/Configuration****
    As 3rd Party applications can require advanced configuration of your VPS, Managed Support for this is limited to Basic Website Troubleshooting listed above.
  • Integrations into provided software****
    Integration refers to customized platform setup and config within a Control Panel or Billing system provided such as Plesk or WHMCS. 3rd party application installation or configuration performed in anyway other than that specified by Plesk or any other Pre-installed application setup procedure cannot be support for integration outside of Basic Website Troubleshooting support listed above.
  • VPS Root Customizations****
    Should customizations be made on the root level of a VPS including updates to file permissions, deletions or modifications, these configurations are supported only to the extent of Basic Website Troubleshooting listed above.
  • Apache/IIS Customizations****
    Managed Support is limited to Basic Website Troubleshooting listed above.



Guru Services

Guru Services provides additional support over and above both General and Expert Support features outlined. See Guru Service Plans for details at


If support requirements exceed those outlined in the previous guidelines then Professional Services must be engaged in order to determine targets and deliverables for support. Professional services will be delivered based upon agreed Statement of Work (SOW) and actioned upon payment receipt.


If for some reason successful fulfillment of the SOW cannot be achieved, any charges for Guru Services will be reversed or refunded in full.


Guru Services include but are not limited to:


  • Specialized Backup*
  • Advanced Spam Filtering*
  • Active Monitoring
  • Advanced Anti-Virus*
  • Patch Management*
  • VPS Setup*
  • Advanced Firewall Setup
  • Mail Server Setup*
  • OS Hardening
  • Consultations
  • Application Optimization*
  • Custom Migrations*



* Refers to services delivered for 3rd party software variations or solutions not provided directly by For example, customer would not be required subscribe to Guru Services for Mail Server Setup when customer is using the default mail server included with Plesk or cPanel or base SMTP setup on the VPS.


** Preinstalled Software support requires a VPS with a Control Panel installed by including Plesk/cPanel or Parallels Small Business Panel.


*** ”3rd Party Applications” include any application that is not directly offered by within the VPS plan purchased. This includes any custom built application or that created by a third party.



**** Support is offered to assist users in known circumstances and under defined configurations. While Managed support can be applied to correcting issues, may require that a system be restored or recreated to a default setup in order to achieve the agreed upon configuration. reserves the right to refuse to provide Managed support outside of circumstances outlined above. For Hyper-V customers, Managed Support can only be provided so long as the virtual server / container remains connected to the domain via “localadmin” or “administrator” user accounts. Should the assigned passwords, permissions or settings of these accounts be modified in any way technicians will be unable to verify the operational status of your VPS container to provide support, maintenance and updates and managed support conditions will be void.

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