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Rails VPS

Ruby on Rails Development on VPS


Everyone from start-ups to non-profits to enterprise organizations are using VPS with Rails. Rails VPS is all about infrastructure, so it's a great fit for practically any type of web application be it software for collaboration, community, e-commerce, content management, statistics, management, you name it. To go live, all you need to add is a database and a web server, Plesk and other control panel automation panels can make it easy.


Ruby on Rails VPS (RoR VPS) is a full-stack MVC framework on Virtual Private Servers for database-backed web applications that are "optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity". It includes several tools which are intended to make common development tasks easier, and provides you the framework which can be used to construct the models and views needed for a web site.


The development philosophy of "Convention over Configuration" and the development principle of "Don't Repeat Yourself" are emphasized in Ruby on Rails. Therefore developers only need to specify unconventional aspects of the application, which leads to less repetition in your code. Also, information is located in a single place and you can minimize duplication in your application.


For more information about Ruby on Rails, please visit their website at


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