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Microsoft® Office Integration


The Microsoft® Office® 2007 Suites provide the best level of rich, contextual integration with Windows®  SharePoint® Hosting Services 3.0. It allows users to interact with SharePoint sites without leaving their Office programs and to have two-way synchronization with collaborative information and documents, as well as business data stored on SharePoint sites.


SharePoint allows you to effectively bring Microsoft Office online, allowing you to share and collaborate with your colleagues, partners and customers using the Microsoft Office tools that you already use and are familiar with.


Below are just a few examples of the many ways that you can connect SharePoint with the various applications that are part of the Microsoft Office Suite.


The Microsoft Office 2007 Suite allows you to…

  • Publish documents to your Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site directly from many Office Client applications like Word 2007 or PowerPoint 2007.
  • Create a new document directly from your SharePoint site based on a pre-defined document template for that Office Client Application.

You can also perform the following actions from within the various Microsoft Office Client Applications:



Outlook® 2007

  • You can connect a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook and view it along with your main calendar. You can then use Outlook to enter calendar items directly into the SharePoint Calendar, or copy items back and forth between Outlook or SharePoint Calendars.
  • View a SharePoint Contact List or Task List within Outlook. Changes or additions to the contacts or tasks will be synchronized back and forth from SharePoint and Outlook.
  • You can download SharePoint document libraries directly into Outlook. Once downloaded you can open read-only versions from Outlook using other Office applications.
  • When offline, you can check out and edit documents, and later synchronize them back to your SharePoint Site when you come online.
  • You can also keep up-to-date with changes to SharePoint lists by subscribing to RSS feeds using Outlook 2007.
  • Display a Roll-up view of calendars or tasks across from multiple lists and sites.
  • Display a unified view of Personal and SharePoint tasks.

Word 2007

  • You can publish documents directly from Word to a Document Library or Workspace on your SharePoint Site.
  • You can view a read-only copy of any Word document saved in a document library.
  • Checked-out documents can be edited within Word, and changes saved directly to the SharePoint Site.
  • For users with SharePoint blog sites, you can create a new blog post within Word, perform a spelling and grammar check, and then publish it directly to your blog!

PowerPoint® 2007

  • You can publish slides directly from PowerPoint to a Document Library or Workspace on your SharePoint Site.
  • You can view a read-only copy of any PowerPoint presentation saved in a document library.
  • Checked-out presentations can be edited within PowerPoint, and changes saved directly to the SharePoint Site.

Excel® 2007



  • You can view any SharePoint List in datasheet view, and then export it to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • You can view a read-only copy of any Excel spreadsheet saved in a document library.
  • Checked-out spreadsheets can be edited within Excel, and changes saved directly to the SharePoint Site.

Access® 2007

  • You can move a complete Access database to SharePoint Site where it can be managed and accessed by the Access client or web browser.
  • SharePoint Lists can be linked to Access Data Tables.
  • Access data tables can be exported directly to a SharePoint List, and a SharePoint List can be imported into Access as a data table.

Groove® 2007

  • Take a synchronized copy of a SharePoint Document Library offline within a Groove Workspace. Edited documents can be synchronized back to your SharePoint Document library.

OneNote® 2007

  • You can store a shared OneNote notebook in a Document Library, enabling collaborative content editing by multiple users.

InfoPath® 2007

  • Publish InfoPath based XML forms directly to a Document Library on your SharePoint Site.
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