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SharePoint Application Templates


In addition to the 10 built-in work spaces, there are an additional 40 application templates for Windows® SharePoint® Hosting Services 3.0. These are more than just what the word “template” implies. These application templates are “Online Applications and Solutions”. To better understand how these work and how they can be used, it helps to have some background on SharePoint and how it works.


The SharePoint website you see is a user interface for a group of lists and libraries stored in a secure database. Each page within your SharePoint site includes web parts that display sorted and filtered information from the database. Each of these Application Templates is a set of lists, libraries and web parts that work together to provide a functional and customizable solution, specifically designed to accomplish a particular goal. This could be as simple as a contact list, task list or set of blog entries, or as complex as a project dashboard or a RFP.


At we have made these templates available to you during the SharePoint site creation process. You can either choose one of these as the main template for your SharePoint Site, or you can create a sub-site that uses any of the templates. This makes it easy to get started and focus on your goals without having to worry about installing the template manually. We do all the work for you.


Application Templates Designed for You

The following application templates have been categorized based on the job that they best support or their function. Please browse these categories to find the application template that best suits your needs. After a template is applied to your SharePoint site or sub-site, you can further customize it either through the web interface or with SharePoint designer so that it fits your needs perfectly.


Some templates are available in multiple languages, while others are available in English only. Please make note of the supported languages when reviewing each template.

collaboration   meeting   multi-function
Collaboration Templates Meeting Templates Multi-Function Templates
business and finance   human resources   operations, it, technical support
General Business and Finance Templates Human Resources Templates Operations, IT and Technical Support Templates
project management   sales and marketing   industry specific
Project and Product Management Templates Sales and Marketing Templates Industry Specific Templates



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