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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 VPS

The latest in database hosting on VPS


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is here! Windows Server 2012 VPS offers the latest Microsoft database management system, known as SQL Server 2012®! SQL Server 2012 delivers mission critical confidence in uptime and performance for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data!
In this latest release, Microsoft breaks new ground with managed self-service data exploration and vastly improved data visualizations are not only interactive, but visually spectacular. Hyper-V Cloud Server Advantage!

As a Windows VPS product, your  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 VPS is backed our Cloud Advantage, providing uptime and performance beyond other providers by incorporating a NetApp SAN storage backend.


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SQL Server 2008

Why Microsoft SQL Server 2012?


All SQL Server 2012 built in services empower:

  • Rapid Data Exploration, Visualizations & Reporting
  • Synchronization & Replication
  • Data Type Compatibility
  • Analysis using Microsoft Word & Excel


Not to mention consistent attention to security, reliability and scalability for your mission critical applications.

Compare Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Editions offers these powerful editions of Microsoft
SQL Server 2012.


Enterprise Edition


Standard Edition


Web Edition


Express Edition (Limited to 10GB)


Detailed Feature Comparison Edition




$26.33 up to 4 vCPU/month


$421.16 up to 4 vCPU/month


$1,615.13 up to 4 vCPU/month
Flexible Platform for Developers  
Rapid Web Deployment  
Manage Across Multiple Servers  
Basic OLTP    
Programmability (T-SQL, Data Types, FileTable)    
Manageability (SQL Server Management Studio, Policy-based Management)    
Basic High Availability³    
Basic Corporate BI (Reporting, Analytics, Multidimensional Semantic Model, Data Mining)    
Basic Data Integration (Built-in Data Connectors, Designer Transforms)    
Self-Service Business Intelligence (Alerting, Power View, PowerPivot for SharePoint Server)⁴    
Advanced Corporate BI (Tabular BI Semantic Model, Advanced Analytics and Reporting, VertiPaq™ In-Memory Engine, Advanced Data Mining)    
Enterprise Data Management (Data Quality Services, Master Data Services)    
Advanced Data Integration (Fuzzy Grouping and Lookup, Change Data Capture)      
Advanced Security (SQL Server Audit, Transparent Data Encryption)      
Data Warehousing (ColumnStore Index, Compression, Partitioning)      
Advanced High Availability (Multiple, Active Secondaries; Multi-site, Geo-Clustering)³      
¹Existing SQL Server Enterprise edition licenses in the Server + CAL licensing model upgraded to SQL Server 2012 will be limited to server deployments with 20 cores or less. Refer to Datasheet and FAQ for more details.
²Analysis Services & Reporting Services.
³Basic includes log shipping, database mirroring, server core support and two-node Failover Clustering. Windows Server Enterprise edition or above is a system requirement for AlwaysOn / Failover Clustering.
⁴SharePoint Server with Enterprise CAL is a system requirement for Power View and PowerPivot for SharePoint. Alerting is accessible through SharePoint Foundation or above.


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