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SQL Server VPS

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 on VPS


For Windows Virtual Server deployments we offer the Microsoft database management system, known as SQL Server 2008® R2. SQL Server 2008 R2 helps you manage any data, any place, any time. You can store anything from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents directly within the database. Hyper-V Cloud Server Advantage!

With all Windows VPS products, your VPS is backed by our Cloud Advantage, which provides improved uptime and performance over other providers by incorporating a NetApp SAN storage backend.


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SQL Server 2008

Why Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2


All SQL Server 2008 R2 built in services empower:

  • Search
  • Synchronization
  • Reports
  • Analysis


It also provides the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability for your business-critical applications.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Edition Comparison offers these powerful editions of Microsoft SQL Server as addons to your VPS server environment.


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Workgroup Edition


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Web Edition
Detailed Feature Comparison Edition


$434.66 per vCPU/month


$101.25 per vCPU/month


$33.75 per vCPU/month


Enterprise Security
C2 Complaint Tracing
SQL Server Change Tracking
Merge Replication Subscriber only ** Subscriber only Subscriber only
Transactional Replication Subscriber only ** Subscriber only Subscriber only
Snapshot Replication Subscriber only ** Subscriber only Subscriber only
Heterogeneous Subscribers      
Enterprise Manageability
SQL Server Change Tracking
Merge Replication
Transactional Replication
Snapshot Replication ✔*
Database Mail  
Performance Data Collection  
SQL Server Agent  
Database Tuning Advisor  
Plan Guides    
SQL Profiler    
Standard Performance Reports      
Data Warehousing
Create Cubes Without a Database      
Auto-generate Staging and Datawarehouse Schema      
Attribute Relationship Designer      
Efficient Aggregation Designers      
Integration Services
SQL Server Import and Export Wizard      
Log Providers and Logging      
XML Source      
SSIS Run-time      
Basic Data Profiling Tools      
SSIS Package Designer & Service      
Scalability & Performance
Maximum Database Size* 524PB*** 524PB*** 524PB*** 10GB***
x32 Hardware Support
x64 Hardware Support
Reporting Services
Reporting Services Memory Limits OS Max*** 4GB*** 4GB*** 4GB***
Report Designer
Report Manager
(report manager)
(report manager)
Role-based Security
(fixed roles)

(fixed roles)

(fixed roles)
Basic Data Profiling Tools
Export to Excel, Word, PDF and Images ✔*
Report Server Application Embedding ✔*
Enhanced Gauges and Charting  
Custom Authentication  
Ad-hoc Reporting (Report Builder)    
SharePoint Integration      
Email and File Share Delivery      
Report History, Scheduling, Subscriptions and Caching      
Data Source, Delivery and Rendering Extensibility      
Analysis Services
Analysis Services Backup      
Dimension, Attribute Relationship, Aggregate & Cube Design      
Personalization Extensions      
Data Mining
Excel 2007 and Visio 2007 Add-in Support      
Comprehensive Set of DM Algorithms      
Integrated Data Mining Tools (Wizards, Editors, Model Viewers, Query Builder)      
MERGE and Upsert Capabilities
New Date and Time Data Types
Internationalization Support
Full Text Search ✔*
Common Language Runtime (CLR) Integration
Native XML Support
XML Indexing
Entity Framework Support
Spatial Support
Development Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio Integration
Intellisense (Transact-SQL-and MDX)
MDX Edit, Debug and Design Tools      
Spatial and Location Services
Spatial Indexes
Geodetic Data Type
Advanced Spatial Libraries
Standards-based Spatial Support

* Available in SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services Download vs. SQL Server 2008 Express Download.
** If an instance of Workgroup is used as a Publisher, it supports a maximum of 25 publications to all merge subscriptions. It supports an unlimited number of subscriptions to snapshot publications.
*** Limits are a reflection of the SQL 2008 server environment and are not equal to the amount included in given plan.


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