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Thousands and thousands of websites get added to online blacklists every day. You may think that this will never happen to you, but the grim reality is that hackers never give up... So your website may already be vulnerable!


The best way to protect yourself from getting blacklisted is to make sure you don't get hacked in the first place. Protect yourself from Malware and Malicious attacks with StopTheHacker Website Security services. With StopTheHacker, everything is Cloud-Based, so you have nothing to install and it's simple to set up. And you'll get fully automated scans which alert you to issues by email if anything comes up.

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CMS, blogging, ecommerce

Do you use a CMS, Blogging or eCommerce Platform on your site?

Even if you keep it updated as soon as new updates come out, it still won't protect you from 0-day vulnerabilities.

add-ons or plug-ins

Do you have any add-ons or plug-ins installed?

Often these are independently developed and not updated as frequently as the base platform.

custom-coded site

Do you have a custom-coded website?

Without staying on top of all of the latest developments and updates, how can you be sure that you haven't missed something?

IT staff

Do you have a dedicated IT staff to help you out when things go wrong?

Not every small or medium-sized business has the resources necessary to protect themselves, or to clean up when something goes wrong. But StopTheHacker is here to help...

All StopTheHacker services include Reputation and Blacklist Monitoring as well as Known Malware and Virus scanning, across ALL the pages on your website. And with the Professional package, you'll get more frequent scanning with additional Malware Detection tools, Uptime Monitoring, a Trust Seal to reassure your visitors that your site is safe, and even an Automatic Malware Removal tool. All of this for only $0.58/day*, less than the price of a cup of coffee.


Check out these features and more:



Business Plus

Scan Frequency
Weekly Daily Hourly Continuously
Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring
Reputation Monitoring
Blacklist Monitoring
Standard Malware Detection
Known Malware Scan
Known Virus Scan
All Pages Scanned
Advanced Malware Detection
Unknown Malware Scan
Use Artificial Intelligence Engine
Automatic Malware Removal
Scan Facebook Wall
Server-Side Malware Detection
Phishing Page Detection
PHP Spam Shell Detection
WebPage Defacement Detection
Insecure Folder Permissions Detection
.htaccess Hack Detection
Website Error Reporting
Vulnerability Assessment
Application Vulnerability Assessment
Server Vulnerability Assessment
Additional Functionality
Trust Seal
Speed Monitoring
Uptime Monitoring
Phone Support
Email Support
Annual Security Audit
Scan Frequency
Weekly DailyHourlyContinuously

Available with VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting Plans.

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* Based on a monthly price of $17.50 multiplied by 12 months divided across 365 days.
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