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Ubuntu VPS Software Features

  • ✓ Version 12.04 for LTS (Long Term Support)
  • ✓ Anywhere Access
  • ✓ Full LAMP Stack Support
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  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu

Ubuntu VPS Software Features & Options


Ubuntu VPS is the most popular Linux distro out there! When it comes to commercial support and a consistent build cycle, and a powerful combination of package repositories, Ubuntu reigns in the linux world and now you can get all of that power in a VPS running the latest Ubuntu 12.04!

Plesk Panel on Ubuntu VPS
State-of-the-Art Performance & Reliability + Powerful Automation
Offers the powerful Ubuntu platform you’ve come to love with the advanced tools and features of Parallels Plesk Panel. Ubuntu brings Plesk VPS to life with its strong focus on cutting edge packages to ensure your web applications and website are running optimally for performance and security.
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Plesk SiteBuilder & Billing on Ubuntu VPS
State-of-the-Art Performance & Reliability +
Billing Automation

Ubuntu VPS supports Plesk SiteBuilder (now Web Presence Builder) and Billing automation (Plesk Business Manager) platform. Extend your web hosting business rapidly with a Ubuntu Virtual Linux Server that will grow with you.


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Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
Debian, but better.
While Ubuntu is based on the powerful Debian Linux platform, it takes support to a whole new level. No other linux distro has the popularity to back thousands of user contributed tutorials & guides, and LTS means you get support more than twice as long as Debian at 5 years of security updates!

Popular Software Features






  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • PHP support
    for version 4.x & 5.x
  • PostgreSQL
  • phpMyAdmin/phpPgAdmin
  • MySQL InnoDB support
  • Apache 2.x
  • Python, mod_python support
  • Perl (modperl) support
  • JSP & Servlet support
  • AwStats/Webalizer
  • FTP support & Unlimited FTP accounts
  • SSH access ROOT access
  • Protected Directories
  • GD support; ImageMagick (through PHP extension)
  • mod_rewrite & .htaccess PHP control
  • Curl support
  • Web File Manager
  • Streaming Video/Audio support
  • Flash & Shockwave support
  • IP access manager
  • AJAX support: JavaScript, XML
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*When installed with a Control Panel
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