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Microsoft WebMatrix + Microsoft Hyper-V


Our WebMatrix VPS plan includes everything you need out-of-the box to get started in no time, while still offering the customization and flexibility of a fully featured Hyper-V VPS solution server with Windows 2008 R2.


  • Microsoft® Windows® 2008 R2 Web Ed. & IIS7
  • Full WebMatrix Support Included
  • IIS 7.0 Role Services, Extensions & PHP
  • Full Admin access with Full Rights > 100% Uptime Guarantee backed by SLA
  • MS SQL 2008 Express Edition

WebMatrix VPS with Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows 2008 R2 supports...

webmatrix, .net, sql server, silverlight
Your VPS Server includes:
  • Full Root Access
  • OS level customization
  • 512 MHz Guaranteed CPU
  • 1 GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 25 GB Guaranteed Disk Space
  • 300 GB Bandwidth @ 100 Mbps*
  • 1 FREE IP Address
  • Disaster Recovery Backups
*No throttling and burstable to 100 Mpbs
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microsoft webmatrix

Microsoft WebMatrix

Microsoft WebMatrix provides you with everything you need to develop websites for your Windows 2008 VPS. This streamlined development environment allows you to get started quickly when building a custom site or even sites based on popular open-source applications. WebMatrix is for developers, students or anyone who wants a streamlined and simplified development environment.



windows 2008 virtual server with hyper v

Windows 2008 R2 with Hyper-V

Your Windows-based Virtual Server can host a vast array of solutions and websites, including applications built for the .NET Framework using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Databases, to a any number of Open-Source Applications including CMS, Blogs, eCommerce, Galleries and more. And with full support for Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, the possiblities are endless.


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24/7 in-house support

24/7 In-House Support

Need help? Contact us anytime by phone, email or chat.

* Promotional prices vary based on the length of the contract, lowest rates advertised offered for 1 year terms. Regular contract rates apply at the renewal anniversary of the initial term. For monthly contract: WebMatrix VPS - $48.95.




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