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Our Virtuozzo VPS Advantage

  • ✓ Full Control with Root Access (SSH)
  • ✓ Instant Upgrades & Downgrades
  • ✓ Quick Installations
  • ✓ FREE Patching & Monitoring
linux vps
  • Linux VPS
  • Virtuozzo Advantage
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu Linux Virtuozzo VPS Benefits

Less Downtime with Instant Upgrades Anywhere Access Full Control Root Access Virtuozzo Virtualization Patching & Monitoring Cutting Edge Software



The Virtuozzo VPS Difference


Less Downtime
RAM, CPU and Disk upgrades without rebooting.

Anywhere Access
Managed your VPS from any web browser with Power Panel!

Full Control
Customize your web server configuration on demand.


Virtuozzo Virtualization & Power Panel Features

On-the-fly Start, Stop & Reboot

Powerful control over your VPS container through any
browser and connection.


Manage VPS System Services

System services and processes can be stopped or
restarted at anytime through the web portal.


Embedded SSH

Connect via SSH to your VPS through your browser.

Complete Backup / Restore

Backup and restore your entire container at anytime with a single click.


VPS Repair, Reinstall & Action Logs

Modes and logs used to automatically assist you
when things have gone wrong.


Resource Monitoring

Monitor CPU, RAM, disk space and inodes utilization and capacities.



Software, Patching & Monitoring

Cutting Edge Software

Running the latest software including choice operating systems and editions for ultimate flexibility!


  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers v4
  • CentOS 5 & Debian 6
  • Plesk Panel 10 or cPanel/WHM
  • LAMP Stack


See additional software details for: CentOS VPS or Debian VPS

Patching & Monitoring

We ensure your server is more than just up and running. Get a VPS that's highly secured with the latest patches and monitored for optimal performance.



See Managed Support Details »




Virtualization Comparison

Virtuozzo VPS is designed for those that have outgrown Shared Hosting but don't require the resource intensive features of a dedicated server or Hypervisor VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). Virtuozzo strikes the perfect balance of cost effectiveness with flexibility, control and performance!

Shared Hosting


All resources are shared evenly to all websites and applications.


Software changes and installs subject to approval by host.


VPS vs Shared »

Virtuozzo VPS


Virtualized resources are flexible to provide optimal distribution.


Operating System is shared limiting software installation.


Microsoft Hyper-V VPS


Flexible virtualized resources for optimal and reliable distribution.


Dedicated operating system for installations of any typen of core OS


Hyper-V Cloud VPS »


Compare Virtualization Platforms




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