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Finding the best VPS hosting plan for your needs can be a tough job, so has done the legwork to provide you a VPS reviews checklist to ensure you get the right!


Tell us your requirements.
How many websites / applications will you need?

How much customized development will be used on your websites / applications?

What features are most important for you?



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Popular VPS Hosting Requirements

VPS Reviews
Top-Rated Solutions

You want to start a web hosting business

You want to offer powerful shared hosting on mass quickly and in an automated fashion. You’re looking for a powerful VPS solution that allows you room to expand as your business grows.

  • High Volume Web Hosting
  • Monitoring
  • Highly Scalable
  • Cost Effective

Reseller VPS

per month
Reseller VPS Plans
You want to quickly deploy websites you design

You’re a web designer and want to be able to show your designs in action to your clients quickly and to manage those sites from one place.

  • Numerous Websites
  • Quick & Scalable
  • Easy to Manage
  • Design Tools and Support

Developer VPS

Starting from
per month
Developer VPS Plans
Launch web intranets, document sharing and other applications

You’re an IT professional that’s looking to be able to deploy web applications and websites for businesses on-demand.

  • Numerous Websites and Applications
  • Scalable to meet Business Needs
  • Quick Deployment
  • Easy to Manage

Business VPS

Starting from
per month
Business VPS Plans
You want to expand your existing IT or web design offering

You offer web IT services, design, SEO or others and want an effective way to increase customer retention using add-on services such as email or web applications

  • Numerous Websites or Applications
  • Scalable to meet business needs
  • Powerful Feature Set
  • Expandable Offering

Business VPS

Starting from
per month
Business VPS Plans VPS reviews have been phenomenal! We’ve heard from the leaders in the industry that our VPS services are of the highest quality, affordable and include everything you need to maintain your web hosting business.
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