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The LAMP web hosting platform is included with all hosting plans.

CentOS Linux 5.4
Apache 2.0
MySQL 5.0.83
PHP 5.3.3
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LAMP is an acronym which represents a set of solutions used to power web sites and web hosting servers. More specifically, it refers to the Linux operating System, the Apache web server, the MySQL database server and the PHP scripting language. provides a stable and up-to-date LAMP platform with a set of tools that developers know and trust.


Linux is the open-source operating system upon which the applications run. Linux was originally created by Linus Torvalds and is based loosely on the Unix operating system. In general Linux is considered to be a highly reliable, robust and secure operating system for use with Web Hosting Services. We currently run the latest stable version of Debian Linux on our Linux based hosting servers.


Apache is the most widely use Web Server application on the internet today. Apache has been available since 1995 and is still widely used today. According to Netcraft, in December 2007 approximately 49.6% of all internet web sites were served using Apache, more than any other web server application in existence.


MySQL is a widely used database management system that has more than ten million installations worldwide, and is managed on our servers using the phpMyAdmin administration interface. Combined with PHP, a scripting language designed specifically for producing dynamic web pages and dynamic content, this rounds out the core group of features available under our Linux-based hosting platform.


Many popular web-based applications including blogs, content management systems, photo galleries and bulletin boards are available for free and are built specifically for this platform. And many of the most popular applications are available through our easy to use application installer, which is included free with every hosting plan.


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