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WordPress is an open-source personal publishing tool built on PHP and MySQL that features a cross-blog tool, password-protected posts, importing, multiple authors, and bookmarklets. With our application installer even beginners and non-technical users will be able to quickly install and get started with the latest version of this popular blogging tool.



Some of the features of WordPress include:

LinksCommentsMultiple AuthorsPingback
Full standards compliance WordPress generated code is in full compliance with the standards of the W3C.
Cross-blog communication tools WordPress fully supports both the Trackback and Pingback standards, and are committed to supporting future standards as they develop.
No rebuilding Any change you make to your templates or entries is reflected immediately on your site, with no need for regenerating static pages.
WordPress Links Links allows you to create, maintain, and update any number of blogrolls through your administration interface. You have complete control over how the links are displayed, and there is tremendous flexibility to customize it to your needs.
Comments Visitors to your site can leave comments on individual entries and through Trackback or Pingback can comment on their own site. All content is thoroughly processed to make sure that malicious comments will not harm your web site.
Easy installation and upgrades Installing WordPress or upgrading from previous versions is simple to do.
Password Protected Posts Individual passwords to individual posts can be assigned to hide them from the public.
Easy Importing Importers for Movable Type, Textpattern, Greymatter, Blogger, and b2 are currently available.
XML-RPC interface WordPress currently supports an extended version of the Blogger API, MetaWeblog API, and finally the MovableType API.
Typographical niceties WordPress uses the Texturize engine to intelligently convert plain ASCII into typographically correct XHTML entities including quotes, apostrophes, ellipses, em and en dashes, multiplication symbols, and ampersands.
Intelligent text formatting WordPress’ function for this avoids places where the user has breaks and block-level HTML tags, so it can be left alone without worrying about it breaking your code.
Multiple authors WordPress' highly advanced user system allows up to 10 levels of users, with different levels having different (and configurable) privileges with regard to publishing, editing, options, and other users.
Bookmarklets Cross-browser bookmarklets make it easy to publish to your blog or add links to your blogroll with a minimum of effort.
Ping Away WordPress supports pinging or Blogs on update.

For additional information regarding WordPress including download and installation instructions, please visit the WordPress website at:


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