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Windows VPS Backups

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VPS backups you control and count on! Considering making a change to your VPS? Updating apache, PHP or MySQL or your Windows services? Before you make any change on your server, knowing you have a successful backup is priority one! offers two VPS backup options for your Windows VPS:

Standard VPS Backups OnDemand VPS Backups
Plan Price $10 / month $15 / month
Included Storage 40 GB 40 GB
Restores Upon request 2 per month User Accessible & Unlimited
Included Recovery Points 7 31
Schedule Daily Optional
Archive Points 0 Unlimited
File/Folder Instant Recovery -
Full VM Restore 2 per month
File Level Restore -
Manage Schedules & Policy -
Additional Storage $10 / 20 GB $10 / 20 GB


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